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Worker's Compensation


Workers Compensation laws can be complex. If you have sustained an injury at your workplace, you may need the assistance of an experienced workers compensation attorney in order to obtain compensation foryour injuries. Workers Compensation law in Illinois is a no fault system. If you are injured on your job, you are entitled to compensation, whether or not the employer is negligent of at fault. If you have been injured on the job, the law states that you are etitled to the following:


  • Medical Expenses

  • Physical Therapy

  • Occupational Therapy

  • Milage to and from Medical Providers

  • Lost Wages

  • Funeral Expenses



What should I do when I suffer an Injury at Work?

If you are hurt at work, first inform your supervisor or manager of the injury. Do not leave work wihout reporting the injury. Most employers will provide a form for you to fill out in order to report your injury. If you did not report the injury on the day it occured, do so as soon as possible. In Illinois, you have 45 days to report an injury to your employer.

Next, seek medical treatment for your injury. Confirm wit the medical providers that they accept the workers compensation insurance that is carried by your employer. Some insurances request that you visit pre-approved medical providers and facilities.


What do I tell the doctor?

It is important that you explain to the doctor how serious you thik that your injury might be. Keep all medical bills related tot eh injury for your records. A workers compensation attorney will ask that you provide all medical bills to him or her.


What do I do if my co-workers andor supervisors are harrasing me about my incident?

If any of your fellow co-workers and or supervisors and managers make you feel guilty about your absence from work, document each incident in detail and give the report to your employer. If the employer is making you feel uncomfortale about your absence and /or injury, please advise your attorney of this matter.


Can my employer fire me for filing a workrs compensation case?

No. It is illigal to fire an employee because he/she filed a workers compensation case. If you think you were fired or harrased because you filed a workers compensation claim, contact an atoorney and ask to file a desrimination claim against the employer.


Does my employer have to keep my job open for me while I am out, due to my injury?

Yes. The Workers Compensation law in Illinois requires the employer to keep the job open for you.


Can a new employer refuse to give me a job because i had a workers compensation claim?

No. Employers are not allowed to ask you if you have ever had a workers compensation claim. They cannot deny you a job because of a past claim either way.


Can an employer deny me a job because i now have a disability?

No. The Americans With Disability Act (ADA) bans discrimination against qualified job seekers with disabilities. The employer may even have to provide a reasonable accomodation to help a disabled person perform their job.


What happens if i return to work and find that I cannot do the work anymore?

If you return to work, but find that you are unable to continue working due to your prior workplace injury, you may ask your employer for a short-term job that you can do. You can also request changes to your job, so that you can do the work.


Please contact our office if you have been injured on the workplace. Our consultations are free of charge.  





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