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personal injury lawyer Chicago

Noteworthy Cases:

Personal Injury Cases

2,400,000 Wrongful Death of 35-year old male involved in an explosion. Caused servere burns, resulting in death, leaving behind wife and 2 minor children.


1,000,000 Son and Father died in a semi truck accident, cause unknown.


510,000 25-year old single male died in a car accident when he rear-ended a semi truck with flatbed trailer, leaving behind a 6-month old child.


375,000 16-year old fractures his leg by hitting a metal pole while skiing at a country club.


300,000 A 51-year old male died in an at-fault semi truck accident. 


A 48-year old cab passenger injured in an car accident.


225,000 A 50-year old, female pedestrian fractures a hip when hit by a pick-up truck while crossing the street


150,000 A 48-year old, male hurts his back when rear-ended by semi trailer truck at low impact.


125,000 A 60-year old female slips and falls on a banana peel at a retail grocery store.











Worker's Compensation Cases

400,000 Settlement involving a 48-year old male with perminant, disabling back injury as a result of work related accident.


315,000 A 55-year old female suffers a low back injury, resulting in a permanent disability.


240,000 A 52-year old male suffers a lower back injury in  a work related accident.


180,000 A 26-year old male in a semi triale truck rear ends a vehicle, causing head injury.





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